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Products & Services Investment Schemes » Household Durables Investment Scheme
Household Durables Investment Scheme
Facilitate investment to purchase household durables to the different low & medium income honest businessman/professionals.
Socio-economic improvement of the country through improvement of life style of the low & medium income people
Target groups
The permanent employees working in the following organizations aged between 20 to 55 years and willing to avail investment under the scheme:
Government Organizations.
Semi-Government & Autonomous Organizations.
Different Corporations.
Multi-national Companies.
Different local renowned Non-governmental Organizations.
Different Banks and Financial Institutions (Including Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.).
Different Insurance Companies.
Different renowned University, College, School & Madrasha besides Government University, College, School & Madrasha.
The persons serving in Military and Paramilitary.
Acceptable persons to the Bank's Management.
Genuine businessman having valid Trade license, VAT certificate, TIN certificate and Monthly Income evidenced by relevant documents may be included as client.
In case of service holder minimum service length requirement is 3 years which may be relaxed for the client having banking service;
In case of businessmen minimum business experience requirement is 5 years that may be relaxed on special consideration.
Household Items
Air-Conditioner/Air-Cooler Electrical/Electronic goods IPS/UPS/Stabilizer/FAX/Cell-Phone
Crockery Items Computer Washing Machine
Knitting Machine (Home useable) Furniture and Fixtures Non-Commercial Generator
Photo Copier Oven Refrigerator
Deep Fridge Two-in-one Three-in-one
CD/VCD/DVD Player Water Purifier Room Heater
Water Cooler Water Pump Typewriter
Camera Different Kitchen Kits Ornaments for marriage
Any other different household items.
Ceiling of Investment
Maximum ceiling of the investment will be Tk 5.00 lac per client.
Size of the investment will be fixed as such the monthly installment against the investment would not exceed 25% of client’s monthly salary/income.
Basic features of the Scheme
Mode of Investment : Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Meelk / Hire Purchase.
Period of Investment : Maximum 05 (five) years.
Client's Equity : Minimum 25%.
Profit & Charges :
Rate of Profit @16.00% p.a.
Service Charge @1.00% p.a. on approved limit to be realized upfront.
Risk Fund @1.00% to be realized at the time of disbursement.
Repayment Procedure: Monthly Installment basis.
  1. The ownership of the item(s) shall be in the name of the Bank.
  2. One post dated master cheque, covering the facility amount (with profit).
  3. Post-dated cheques against each monthly installment.
  4. Personal guarantee from two persons having good financial means & standing and acceptable to the Bank.
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